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Welcome to Phatt Design.
We create beautiful stationery for your wedding,
find branding solutions for your business
and design gorgeous prints for your space.

Welcome to Phatt Design

We are a creative studio with a focus on weddings and small business branding
based in Melbourne, Australia and São Paulo, Brazil.
What we do? We take care of you.

We hold your hand (virtually) – or literally if necessary – and take care
of designing a stunning invitation for your wedding. Beautiful, personalised, fun and with no stress.
So you can take care of your priority which, let’s be honest, is to look hot at your wedding.
We know that on top of wedding invitations, you must also sort out your wedding dress, shoes, cake, venue, catering, music, hair, make up… all the while continuing to kick ass at work before
you can decompress in a flotation tank and parade down the aisle.
Saying “I do” is not so simple, is it? So let’s not spend your valuable nights
piecing together the perfect invitation on Pinterest.
It’s all been done here for you. You’re welcome.
Similarly, now that you got married, moved houses, had kids, quit sleeping and decided it
would be a good time to start a business… we can smooth that transition for you.
We’re not looking after your chidren yet, but we’ll help bring your idea to light and see it grow.
We’ve been through the entrepreneurial path and we know just how deliciously ambiguous it can be.
Like motherhood. Yes, I love my kids, but sleeping was also pretty cool.
Such are the joys of starting a business, so jump on board.

And when you’ve had enough of wedding planning and building your empire and are ready for a therapeutic, mindless break, you can shop some cool prints for your space here.

We hope to be by your side all the way.

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Yes, I’m getting married and I want to blow my guests away with such stunning invitations they will want to frame them after the wedding. I want to have fun in the process, deal with a human not a robot and be fully supported through my indecisivi- ness, creativity and craziness. Bridezillas, this way please.



I’m sick of this 9-5 bs and I’m ready to build my own empire. You might find yourself working 9-9 but in any case, we’ll help you. Yes, brand my biz.



Life can be challenging and I want to stick some inspiration on my walls to remind myself that, while the world may be im- ploding, everything is going to be ok. Inspire me!